Dear Jared Leto
“It’s about getting to a point in your life where you’re ready to let go and move on and become the better version of yourself.”
― Jared Leto
Lonely Hearts reference. :) Ugh, this movie is so good. If you haven’t watched it, do that NOW.
If you need extra persuasion, Jared gets a little love.

- NX

Thanks, dear! :)


How did you fall in love? Did you watch one of Jared’s movies or listen to one of the band’s song?
I want to know :)
If you are not following Jared on Snapchat already, I suggest you go do that. :) I love this man to pieces, holy shit.
Hey Letophiles!
I’m introducing a new series called “Jared for thought” where I post questions on different topics and you readers are encouraged to leave your thoughts on them and hopefully feel inspired to leave your Jared confessions too.
Today’s JFT question: Is Jared Leto narcissistic?
My best friend’s mom (and surprisingly, a lot of other people) think Jared is a narcissist and my friend asked me if I agreed. Here’s what I think:
I think he has what people consider to be narcissistic qualities at times but most people have the same qualities. I don’t think he is a narcissist. He isn’t self-centered and honestly he has the right to feel good about himself. He is multi-talented and gorgeous and I think most people who say that he is narcissistic just aren’t familiar with healthy self love!
Does he post to many selfies? Is his self-promoting a bit excessive? Are you indifferent?
Also, if you have a thought-provoking question you’d like ask, head over here and type it up it with “JFT” :)

North Americans! Who else is counting down the days until Carnivores Tour?! I wanna see your countdowns. :)

This one is from me, haha. I don’t want to call myself a fan girl, but…

My face when someone says they don’t like 30 Seconds To Mars

Hello darlings. It’s been awhile (don’t have access to a computer :c) but who else is absolutely psyched about this Sunday?!

Anon hun, that’s Shannon Leto, his older brother.  But yeah so cute???

Send us your thoughts Letophiles!


Tonight was so awesome, so proud of Jared! 

Hope you letophiles had an awesome night, send us your thoughts!


clintashalover asked:  I saw Dallas Buyers Club over the weekend & I instantly fell in love with Rayon. She's such a beautiful person & had an amazing story to tell. Jared did an amazing job of fully becoming Rayon. DBC is the best movie I've seen in years.