Dear Jared Leto

How to dress like Rayon from Dallas Buyers Club

Hello darlings. It’s been awhile (don’t have access to a computer :c) but who else is absolutely psyched about this Sunday?!


Anonymous: "OMG! Jared Letos husband is SO CUTE!!!"

Anon hun, that’s Shannon Leto, his older brother.  But yeah so cute???

Send us your thoughts Letophiles!


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Tonight was so awesome, so proud of Jared! 

Hope you letophiles had an awesome night, send us your thoughts!


musicgoddess09: "I saw Dallas Buyers Club over the weekend & I instantly fell in love with Rayon. She's such a beautiful person & had an amazing story to tell. Jared did an amazing job of fully becoming Rayon. DBC is the best movie I've seen in years."

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Thanks for confession, echelonsmosher. <3

Do you guys have something to say about Dallas Buyers Club or anything Jared Leto related? Spam our ask. :)

Aww, thanks anonymous. :) Keep the Dallas Buyers Club confessions coming in, guys! Love you.


Hey Letophiles!

Hope everyone is doing well! Have you guys seen Dallas Buyers Club?

What did you think of it? Did you all LOVE Rayon? Not like Rayon? And how about Woodrof?

Send us your confessions guys!


Anonymous: "Do you think Jared made Shannon walk away from his work with Antoine Becks,and if so, why? Was he jealous?"

Absolutely not.  Jared has no control over what Shannon chose’s to do with his life.  They’re both grown men and can do as they please, they’re a couple of the most supportive brothers I’ve seen.

Share your confessions Letophiles! <3


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Anonymous: "Do you think Jared is jealous of all of the attention Shannon is receiving lately?"

You mean Jared the one with Oscar buzz coming from his role in Dallas Buyers Club? No definitely not, and I think both of them get a lot of attention, people are just now starting to give Shannon some.


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Anonymous: "How are you admins feeling about the whole "giving free vip passes to models" thing?"

I personally don’t care, if it’s not directly affecting me then it’s not my business.


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He does, but you gotta love Jared. Thanks anon.

If you guys have anything to say, go ahead and leave your questions, comments, and confessions (we love those) in our ask.


Anonymous: "Jared was a guest on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" on Tuesday and on GMA on Wednesday morning. This has been a good week for the homebody Letophiles. :)"

Gosh, yes. Not to mention the Conan O’Brien Show. <3

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Hope everything is going well Letophiles.  Don’t forget to fight for what you believe in no matter what! Love you


A submission from anonymous. :) Share your confessions, guys.


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